Saddest employee freakout


This happened two years ago

We had a call center agent named ‘Michi’. She was one of our teammates who had the worst and most devastating last day I’ve ever witnessed.

What makes the end of the story interesting is that whole week I was mentoring new agents and they

Michi didn’t really stick out that much other than her attire (which I have nothing against) but then again I don’t bother trying to fraternize with everyone at work.

On Friday; August 16, 2019, It was pretty much an uneventful other than a week of our tools not working due to maintenance. Everything was ok until early afternoon around 4-ish-pm?

I was on a call with an elderly lady over channel packages. My calls was pretty uneventful as well. She wanted to have more christian programming on her tv package and I was sifting through the options she had until I heard Michi stand up, slap the monitor, and start cursing at her screen.

In my mind for those 5 seconds I was like ‘I get it CSG isn’t working properly all week but you don’t have to start hitting equipment’

Nope, that was FAR from the case. Michi erupted in so much anger and started screaming in her headset microphone while punching the monitor and pointing it at it like she’s screaming at an actual person.

She said ‘fucking’ every 5 seconds after screaming very loudly and incoherently. She was so loud that 3 other agents had to mute their phones and explain to their customers that an employee was having a meltdown. She blew up in front of the new-hire group while they were taking their first solo calls.

It went on for about a solid 5 minutes. Michi finally stopped and just sat down to shut off her computer. She started sobbing while others tried to comfort her. Leads were rushing to where it all happen but by that time Michi left. That day started a whole 2 weeks of damage control from our management.

*After that we all wanted to find out why the hell she exploded like that. I tried to get in on it and ask leads but they said no due to security reasons. I hear so many versions of the story that I don’t know what is true. The most heard version from asking was that the customer said she was incompetent.

Ever since then, It stayed on my mind. You’d think you’d look cool cussing out a customer like in Half-Baked but instead was a total control loss of your emotions. It still disturbs me to see someone blow up like that at a work place.

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