calling back from the dead


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This happened many years ago and I only recently just thought about it.
I was working in a complaints department for a aus telco/ISP. I did both outbound complaints and transfer excalations.

I had a call come through the transferring agent would give a warm handover and explain a brief summary before introducing the customer to me.
Agent “Hey OP, this customer wants to complain and I literally have no idea what to do or how to explain this but the guys really not happy”.

Me: “it’s fine just put them through”

Beep … “hello this is OP, how can I help you today”?

Male caller: “Well maybe you could tell me how I’m talking to you if I’m dead?

(Will now refer to male caller as DG = dead guy)
Me: ” … I’m sorry ?”

DG: ” yeah well you idiots have cut off everything and said that I’m dead so now my phones not working and I’m clearly not dead what are you gonna do about this?”

Me: “I’m sure this is a mistake can you give me a minute and il see what’s going on”

*places on hold*

Yep sure enough account removed his mobile disconnect and tagged as deceased only 2 hours earlier.
Can see that a was a call made by his daughter.

*Comes off hold*

Me: “I’m not sure how to tell you this sir, but we got a call from xx 2 hours ago to advise you were deceased and we organised you service disconnection”

… how do I fix this”

Me: “luckily this was only just done and I can reverse it but whilst I’m at it I think it might be wise to remove your daughter from your account so she is unable to make any changes further”.

DG: “yeah no shit”

As I process this reconnection he told me that he had grounded his daughter the night before from going to. Party and this must be her revenge plan.
I laughed and said you might want to call around and see what else you can reconnect from beyond the grave 🤣


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