Interrupting on the phone.

Not sure if this belongs here… work for customer service/sales in an office. We sell insurance over the phone.

Having an issue with my boss who constantly needs an update on what we’re working on. She is constantly micromanaging, I’m really good at my job and feel I could do better if I wasn’t going to be constantly interrupted when I’m working with a client to address their needs.

What do I mean by that? Well, my boss listens to every phone call from across the room and constantly interjects.

Me: “Good afternoon, thank you for calling How can I help you today?

*Customer: Hi this is Tom, I’m calling to pay my bill.*

***Boss: Who is that?***

Me: \*mutes the phone\* It’s Tom. \*unmutes the phone\* Sure, Tom. Let me pull that up for you hold on one second.

***Boss:*** ***What do they want?***

Me: \*mutes phone\* He wants to pay his bill. \*unmutes phone\* Okay, Tom I have your bill pulled up can I process this with the card on file.

*Customer: Yes*

Me: Okay, Excellent. Your confirmation number is 123. Anything else I can help you with?

*Customer: Yes I have a question about my policy. \*Asks Basic Question\**

Me: Okay. Gives basic correct answer.

***Boss: Tell him Y! Do they have Z?!***

Me: Hold on one second for me Tom. \*Mutes the phone\*

***Boss: You have to tell him about this unrelated thing or else it can be a major problem.***

Me: He didn’t call to ask about z, but I will ask.

Hi Tom, me again… there’s something I have to tell you.

*Customer: How does this involve my original question?*

Me: It doesn’t. Excuse me another moment.

***Boss: Ask him X!***

Me: \*Mutes the Phone\* Do you want to get on the phone with the customer?

***Boss: No, absolutely not”***

Me: If nothing else, have a great rest of your day Tom. \*Hangs Up\*

***Boss: Did you tell him \_\_\_\_?***

Me: Yes, that’s the basic answer I gave him before you interrupted me.

90% of the time I have already addressed my boss’s concern or her question is irrelevant. I’m constantly trying to mute the phone because I know the client can over hear her yelling.

What do you think?

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