I quit my bank call center job and I need reassurance.

Hello everyone! So I just quit my Bank call center job and I think i made a terrible mistake. The reason why I say that is due too I made 22.58 per hour…. I’ve come a long away from my first call center making 11.00. I quit my bank call center job because I’m tired of feeling suicidal. The job has left me so suicidal, I was sent to a mental hospital. I remember telling the counselor the reason why I decide to end myself is due too the stress I feel at this job. However, I feel like I make good money and I get 6 week off per year which is unheard of in the U.S. I guess what I’m asking is, I feel like by quitting my bank job, did I destroy my life my quitting the best paying job? I quit because was tired of being made fun of at work by my supervisor, I’m tired of fighting customers over overdraft fees, deposit holds and monthly maintenance fee. I just want to feel happy with my life. Any and all comments and questions are welcome. Thank you.

Edit: Thank you too everybody that commented on my post. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. 👍🏾💯

What do you think?

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  1. I feel this, since I used to work the same type of call center job for a bank. Is $22.58/hour and 6 weeks off a year the going rate for your mental health? If so, then yes, you made a mistake. But I think you are realizing by now that your quality of life does not come with a price tag. Jobs can be replaced. Once you slit your wrists deeply enough to bleed out, game over. Congratulations for making a sane, healthy choice.

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