Rules Are Rules, Lady.


I’m back again, with more of the worst the rich world has to offer.

You know the drill. I’ll be Me, she will be Entitled Lady (EL). Dialogue edited for clarity.

(Ring ring)

Me: Good morning, (my office), this is MazdaValiant, how may I assist you?

EL: Hello, I’m looking to make a reservation, etc.

(We go through the song and dance of making her reservation)

Me: I should inform you that our policy on day-of-arrival tickets has changed. Water park tickets are Price A, and ski tickets are Price B.

(Most everyone I deal with begrudgingly accepts this policy. I’m sure you’ve gathered where this is going)

EL: That’s ridiculous! Is there a way to waive that?!

Me: Unfortunately not.

EL: Don’t you think it’s a little ridiculous?

Me: I can understand how it could be a little disheartening, and in your position, I’d likely feel the same way. But I don’t get to make that decision. Now, would you like me to add on day-of tickets?

EL: So now I don’t have access to the package I’m paying for until after my check-in day. Is that what you’re saying?

Me: I can still get you day-of-arrival access. It just costs Price A or Price B, that’s all.

EL: I don’t think that’s right. No, that is not right, it’s a money grab! Is there someone I can talk to?!

Me: (starts to give my manager’s contact information. That’s when my manager overhears my side of the conversation.)

Manager: I’ll talk to her. Transfer her to me.

Me: (Transfers EL to Manager)

Manager: Hello, this is Manager. MazdaValiant said you were upset about this policy…

And that’s all I hear because our phones are absolutely swamped and I grab another call straight away.

I follow up with Manager later. She said EL had called our policy a money grab. The manager had backed me up all the way.

On a more exciting note, we got a new PBX! Yay! However, it’s been busy since the instant IT deployed it. My favorite part is that I can control my phone right from my computer; gone are the days when I swivel back and forth between my phone and my computer.


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