I got to flag a customer’s account


The other night we had a caller. It’s a call center so I mean, we get lots of them. But this guy, he was special. He called in, put on an accent, demanded an interpreter. We got him an interpreter, and he insulted the poor woman. She was doing her best, and he wouldn’t stop abusing her. He wouldn’t verify his first and last name, so we had to tell him, “Sorry can’t help without that”. The interpreter has enough, and hangs up, and so does the rep. (I’m a lead). Then one of my reps gets the guy, and comes to me, says “hey Hawk this guy is demanding a supervisor, keeps screaming won’t tell me his name. He came up in the system so I found his account” I do the whole well we need at least his first and last name, tell him we have to have it to help, see what he says.”

My rep comes back to me, and tells me that he’s now calling him names, useless, worthless, waste of time, idiot, etc. I tell my rep “Listen, you don’t have to take that. He can yell about the company and the situation, he can swear about both. But the second he attacks you personally, you go right ahead and tell him he needs to stop or you will hang up. He gets one warning, you aren’t paid to get insulted personally.” My rep goes back to talk to the customer and returns to let me know the customer didn’t respond when he went back. I’m like well he didn’t want a supervisor that bad then.


I go on my lunch, and come back to the other lead on duty in an off call status because she’s doing her notes from an escalation. I check in with her, she’s a baby lead and I want to make sure she’s okay. Turns out, Mr. No Name called again and escalated to her… and as soon as I go available, another of my reps is calling me, saying he’s on the line again. She can’t get him to verify (go figure) so I say “Okay, send him to me, I’ll tell him he isn’t being assisted without verification.” I get the call, and you guys he is a complete tool. He keeps talking over me, insisting that he wants to make a complaint, refuses to verify his account so I can note his account and take the complaint properly (all our systems require a name to enter notes), begins calling me a child, demanding to know why I am so stupid that I can’t answer a yes or no question (which he never asked), and finally after about 20 minutes of him screaming and calling me foul things, I said “Because you refuse to verify your account, and despite several warnings continue to talk to me in this way, I am going to disconnect the call. Thank you for calling and have a nice night”


I start my notes for all of this, and I hear from my baby lead friend that she called the weekend supervisor, because she was worried she was going to get into trouble for hanging up on the guy as well, and the supervisor told her to have reps just send the guy right to the leads… and now I am getting an instant message from a rep who had him before saying the guy is on the line again, this time demanding a male lead, and insisting he has the right to demand this… still refusing to even give his first and last name… and plot twist, remember the accent and need for an interpreter from the beginning? When I got him and every call afterwards (I had them pulled and listened to be sure) he spoke perfect, unaccented English. I called the supervisor myself, and explained the entire thing, and she gave me the go ahead to put in his account “This customer is very abusive, and refuses to verify his account. If he calls and refuses, tell him we cannot assist without verification and disconnect the call” That message will pop up every time anyone opens his account from now on… and when I checked it yesterday, the closing process was started. The supervisor fired the customer. According to her notes, he got nasty with her when she called to find out what he wanted, and she told him since he couldn’t stop abusing people, we “not longer choose to do business with you”.


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