Customer wouldn’t tell me what state she wanted to travel to.


So I’m on mobile I’ll try to format this as best as possible on my first go.

So some back story I recently started a call center job for a train company making reservations. They give us some decent latitude of the calls (when the customers are being irate). So for this story I’ll be me and the customer will be c. I didn’t know till this job that there are two Las Vegas.

Me: *does standard opening*

C: “yes I would like to travel from California (let’s say Los Angeles because I forgot the real town she was leaving from) to Las Vegas.

Me: ok. Would that be Las Vegas Nevada or Las Vegas New Mexico because we service both and I want to make sure I send you to the right place.

C: you know Las Vegas

Me: yes I know but which state

C: the one near the west coast

Me: mama Nevada and New Mexico are close to the West Coast. What state are you traveling to?


Me: mama I know You’re traveling to Las Vegas but which state are you traveling to

C: I’m leaving out of California

Me: (at this point you can tell by my voice my patience is wearing thin) I know, I just need to know what state you are traveling to

C: Nevada. Was that so hard

Me: yes since we service both Las Vegas Nevada and Las Vegas New Mexico

C: Well how am I supposed to know that

Me: (this point the calls at 15 minutes) Man I’ve asked you four times.

C: fine I’ll just do it online *hangs up*

A couple of days later I found out from a coworker that she ended up going to the wrong Las Vegas and is upset that the agent she talked to the first time didn’t Tell her that there was two Las Vegas`

EDIT/clarification: so after reading some of the comments people were saying “why didn’t you just assume Nevada” or something along those lines it ended up that she did in fact wanted to go to Las Vegas, New Mexico but ended up going to Nevada


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