We can’t set up delivery until your items arrive.

Hey fellow call center workers, I’m back with a new story. Still assisting with furniture sales which is a still a mixed bag in terms of customers. This happened yesterday so its still fresh in my mind.

Customer calls in for an update on her furniture order. I called the fulfillment center and she is in for some good news. Sofa is in and ready with the ottoman coming in the same day but the final piece will not arrive until April. I decided to ask if the two pieces that will be ready tomorrow can be delivered easily rather than having the customer wait until the final piece arrive. They say yes after the Ottoman arrives and I’d scanned in so have her call back in tomorrow to schedule.

I tell the customer which goes a little like this:

Me – Good news the sofa is in and ready and the Ottoman will arrive today. They can do a partial delivery of those two. Give us a call back tomorrow abd we can get you scheduled.

Cx – that’s great so they will call me tomorrow to schedule then.

Me – we would need you to give us a call back tomorrow to schedule you.

Cx – why can’t you just do it now.

Me – we can’t schedule you until the Ottoman arrives in the warehouse.

Cx – well I don’t want to call back. Since your not trying to help your customers I wanna speak to your manager.

Me – I’ll have to place you on a brief hold to get one on line.

I transferred the customer to the fulfillment team line to speak with a sup.

The most annoying thing is I was actually trying yup help her. Partial delivery has to be requested and manually entered before it can be done. The original agent wasn’t going to even set one up.

What do you think?

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