Anxiety even follows me into my new callcenter job.


Sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker.

I left my old callcenter job 3 weeks ago because the company we worked for (Newspaper subscription and delivery) couldnt get their shit togehter.
Also my callcenter lost 7 agents out of 15 in only 2 months because of said newspaper company.

They took all the 2nd lvl workers (which my callcenter relied on, since their newspaper company didnt allow us to make new subscriptions or contact the delivery interface directly, effectivly rendering us useless for customers who have deliverly issues/want new subscriptions offers or have problems with their Ipad they got through a promo with the newspaper company) to mail processing since they had too many emails stacking.

Now my callcenter could also contact the delivery interface through SAP but it was no direct communication by any means and it would 70% of the time not resolve any delivery issues our customers experience, so everyday and every call we had angry customers on our throat who call us since 1-2 weeks to get their problems resolved and all we could tell them was “we will take measures to ensure the delivery works” everytime.

During this time period I developed severe anxiety, I flinched at every call and during breaks I would just lie on my bed starring at the celling while my body sometimes twitched for no reason and it eventually got so bad that I needed 10 mins inbetween every call just to calm down or power through the shift.

My mother without talking to me first contacted a new callcenter whose AD she saw through social media (they sell gas and electricity) and eventually convinced me to do the trial period.
The salary they would give me is about 3-4 times more than my old job and they also give longer breaks (1 hour and 45 mins in total) but you work 9 hours a day

But I still have anxiety issues and I am still scared of every call. Do you guys have any advice on how to deal with this?


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