Well. I did it. I finally gave notice.


I feel weird.

I feel relief. I feel discomfort. I was at a company in sales for 3 years, tried joining a new team a month ago to see if new clients would be a nice reset button, and it just fucking wasn’t, man. It was somehow worse.

I have a new job lined up that I’m super excited for. Still waiting for the fingerprints, background check, etc. to go through, but I’ve got no criminal record or whatever else.

I feel like I’ll be anxious and terrified until I’m actually in my new job, but I try to think about all the shit I put up with from these clients. All the fake faces I put on for them. All the fake faces they put on for me. Two people who both hate their jobs and would rather be anywhere else pretending to find our conversation interesting (though sometimes they didn’t even extend the courtesy of acting engaged with me.)

Thank you all in this sub. I’ve spent 3 years on this sub commiserating with you all and it’s been a pleasure.

On to the next one.


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