Called out by two callers for things out of my control with sexual harassment and racism

Two stories here, and they are pretty short and sweet. I (26 F) work for an organization that gives people payments when they aren’t able to work for whatever reason. It’s needs based and there are different requirements you have to meet in order to be approved for payments, and retain the payments. I told my manager about both of these people but idk if anything will even come about it.

My first story is this dude who started receiving payments within the last few months. He got paid last week, but because we didn’t have his direct deposit account on file it was sent out as a paper check. The whole time he’s yelling at me because he keeps changing how he believed he’s been paid, which payments came as checks, and was being pretty nasty the whole time. Turned out that he updated his direct deposit two days after the check went out. Somehow that’s our fault. We don’t have the ability to cancel the check and we have to wait a certain amount of time for the check to not arrive before we can reissue it per policy. He didn’t like that and screamed at me to give him a blowjob until he gets his payment. I hung up the phone.

About 15-30 minutes later, I had a lady who wanted to know if her payments were going to be turned back on. I had her for a whole 60 seconds before I had to hang up-didn’t get her name or any of her info-because while explaining what she needed to know she starts saying “…because you pay all these f-ing n-s.” I barely start telling her that if she continued to use that language I would end the call when she starts screaming “f you” at me, and other expletives, as loud as she could. I just told her to have a good day and hung up.

Nice way to start the work week.

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