Nigerian Prince

With the team I worked for at an online bank years ago we got lots of different calls. Some of which were people calling in because they received a letter about their bank account closed.
One was from a eighteen year old girl who met a prince online and sent her a $20,000 check. She opened a new account, withdrew the funds after her deposit and then it went negative and she was flagged and account was closed. Then her mother found out and began to call.
mom: She’s a child! how can you do this to her?
me: this is a decades old scheme. she shouldn’t have done this. we won’t be able to help.
her mother: proceeds to yell at me, but can’t escalate because non members can’t speak to supervisors. she finally gives up and hangs up.

eta: the money she took she sent to the other person. so all she was left with was an account negative 20,000.

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