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Man I just got hired at another call center. Needed work immediately. I’ve never felt so disposable from day one. This is the worst call center I’ve ever joined. They can change your schedule with less than 24hrs notice without notifying you but they have zero accommodation if you need certain availability or something.

I saw a girl literally begging in the shift trade chat to be able to go to a doctor’s appointment. And we got to see that in training. I was excited to join, as it’s not sales or outbound. But after being “punched down at” every time I asked a question I feel defeated and I haven’t even taken calls yet.

There’s no shift bid. No option to book a day off. Nothing you can do except beg in the shift trade chat. And it’s doubtful anyone will answer you because they’re all being treated just as badly. You don’t even get your schedule more than a week in advance. (You only see the week your working)

At this point I’m fondly remembering my previous call center. I just feel like this one would have less turn over and higher productivity if they worked with their employees and treated them as human. Even bathroom breaks at this job are frowned upon and even something you can get disciplinary action for.

Instead they spend a lot of time indoctrinating you into believing “no job will treat you better” (literally saying this over and over again) I know that’s not true. But it’s clear a lot of people in my training class don’t know that..

TLDR: This call center is soul crushing in the way they treat their employees. And its so hard to book other interviews when you don’t know from one day to the next what you’ll be working.


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