Lady, I don’t make the prices


Had a customer call up today (home goods store), she wants to know why prices have gone up since earlier this year. I explain that prices are subject to change blah blah. She starts screaming at me, saying that it was terrible customer service and that she wanted to speak to a manger about the prices. I inform her that the managers are unavailable (a lie. I’m not going to waste their time).

She continues to scream about the price, and that I should be fired because I won’t honor the price that she paid 9 months ago. I have no way of overriding the charges away. She demands to speak to the CEO so she can get me fired.

The whole time I am calm and explain that we don’t have a price match, nor can I override prices anyway. I even offer her a coupon code that we have right now for 10% off. Not good enough. After screaming at me for about 20 minutes she does the whole “you just lost a customer and I will never shop here again!”

Good, Karen. I don’t want to deal with you again. The price increase was only about 2%.


What do you think?

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Just needed to vent

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