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We had a regular training meeting for [insurance company] too. We went over a few things like to how to ~~adhere to a strict micromanagey guide~~ do better on calls. One thing that stood out to me was…One of my several bosses saying “If you appear confident, customers are less likely to give probing questions, and instead more likely to be responsive” or something to that effect. Which makes sense, in a way. Customers expect us to be a veritable encyclopedia ~~and the agents redirecting them to us for stupid things don’t help.~~ However, sometimes you just can’t help but be baffled by the things customers ask about.

I work in claims, and I’m the very first person people call to make a claim (when they don’t ask their agent of course). The entire extent of my job is just you tell me what’s wrong, I put it in the system. That’s it. However some of the things I’ve been asked about are:

* “Can I get my deductible waived?” How would I know?
* “Should I file a claim for this?” Beats me.
* “How will this affect my policy?” I have no idea, ask your agent.
* “Well my agent told me to call you.” Then your agent is an idiot like 80% of agents. Tell them to call our phone line for agents.
* “Can I have that number, I might need it.” What part of ‘for agents’ do you not understand?
* “Can you recommend a plumber/contractor/etc.?” No. That’d be seen as favoritism.
* “Can you text/email the claim number to me?” No. Pull off to the side of the road. *Stop driving while you’re on the phone.* Also I cannot send outbound emails (probably).

Pretty sure I have more but when somebody calls me asking “can I get my deductible waived?” like…yeah I’m gonna sound confused. Because that’s a very weird question.


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