The man who killed Santa Claus


This happened a couple of years ago working in a financial institution call center.
The background to this call is the customer in question had not made any substantial payments toward her credit card for three months including missing minimum payments regularly so of course, the bank froze the credit card the week before Christmas in response.

The characters featured in this tale have had their identities altered for privacy and compliance reasons /s

Agent – Me

Karen – entitled fuckwit

Child –

Good Afternoon IWO speaking, how many I help you?

Karen- Why did you cut off my card you fcuking bastards?

Me- in order to help you today, I do need to confirm your details for ver…

Karen- listen you cunt you need to explain to my kid why you killed Santa Claus

“in the background, you can clearly hear the whimpering and crying of children” as this “mother” screams to them I have murdered Santa Claus and they won’t get any Christmas presents.

Child- who started to cry asked why did you kill santy?

Me- Im so sorry but I have not, Can you put your mum back on?

Karen- I hope you die of cancer and your kids are raped and murdered.

And my faith in humanity died that day.


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