Christmas call


As I no longer work in a call centre my job is dead at this time of year, but I always cast my mind back to Christmas time or to us “peak”. Now peak time was basically October till January 1st you took over 100 calls every day it was very busy and very stressful.

One day it must have been about early December I get a call off a lady I’ll call toy Karen or TK from here on in. Now this call was towards the end of the day as I remember how much my voice strained talking to her,

**ME:** “Afternoon supermarket direct how can I help?”

**TK:** “Can I order a Hatchimal ?”

*Now this toy had been like gold dust since the 1st weeks of November and this was like the 40th call that day about the same product.*

**ME:** “I’m sorry we are out of every Hatchanimal, we’ll be getting a delivery on the 16th of December it’s going to be one per customer we can’t reserve any it will be first come first served instore and online they will go live at midnight but be fast”.

**TK:** “This is ridiculous I want to speak to your manager, you didn’t even check”

*I eyeroll get my manager to repeat everything supply and demand etc. the next bit was the straw that broke the camels back, my manager hands back the call after basically saying tough shit but politely.*

**TK:** “I have someone here you can speak to *(now I was expecting a dick of a husband to take over the call but nope)* here is my 4 year old daughter explain to her why she won’t be having this toy for Christmas”

*Now I worked in a call centre from 2007-2018 this was easily the most despicable thing anyone had done on the phone.*

**ME:** “Ok put her on”

**TK:** “Just speak to the man honey”

**ME:**” hello little girl your mummy has made a mistake… my manager cut the line”

Now I was livid but I wouldn’t ruin Christmas, I was going to talk to the little girl on a human level and say Santa is a bit stuck for a girl like her as she is unique so he would give her something unique instead of a toy all the other kids have. I always wonder what a life that kid had with such a horrible mum.

My boss cut the call as he thought I was about to lose my shit.


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