My time as tech support for a tv company


Hey everybody, I’ve been lurking this sub for awhile and finally have a story to tell. So I work for a company that makes a series of low brand TVs. They’re well known for making a wand massager that has been coopted by the adult video community. So my job is to trouble shoot issues with consumer electronics mostly tvs usually with basic set up and repairs. Super small department just 4 agent including my manager and lite workload, I may take 4-10 calls all day during our busy season. Customers usually range from people who have never owned a smart tv and are setting it up for the first time. To those who have a 20 year old plasma and want service on it. Then there are the special breed of customers I like to call them technologically braindead. For whatever reason these customers just don’t get how TVs work and expect this machine they paid $200 to be able to solve advance mathematical equations and clean their house. In comes Mrs. Robinson she called me right before I was ready to clock out for the day.

Agent: Thank yo-

Mrs. R: I want to how I can get online with this tv I bought last month.

Agent: Ok do you have the model number

Mrs. R: No I don’t, I just want to connect my tv to the internet. I’m able to get into Netflix but I cant find where I go to get the internet.

Agent: Well if its connected to Netflix its already connected to the internet.

Mrs. R: I want to look at my Instagram how do i do that.

Agent: You cant unless there’s an app for it

Mrs. R: Well is there an app for it

Agent: No

Mrs. R: Why?

Agent: what do you mean why? its not an app available for the tv so no you cant access Instagram

Mrs. R: But its a smart tv so that means that it connect to the internet

Agent: Yes its connected to the internet so you can stream movies not so you can browse social media that’s not a function of the tv.

Mrs. R: well that’s no right I wanted a tv that I could connect to the internet. nobody told me I couldn’t access the internet with this tv

Agent: Is there anything else i can help you with today?

Mrs. R: Can i get a refund for this tv that was sold to me?

Agent: You can go to the store and try to get a refund.

Mrs. R: I’m outside the return policy” probably not true but at this point I was already annoyed so fuck her

Agent: We wont give you a refund because you didn’t understand what smart tv meant. Is there anything else i can help you with today ma’am

Mrs. R: I want to speak to a manager

Agent: No, thank you choosing tv company have a great day.


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