Irate customer yelling and screaming for nothing


This ape, who already received a steal of a discount from the company, calls to rant and rave about being emailed a past-due notice for a bill he already paid.

It was a glitch in the system. But no matter how much I tried to assure him that his account was current, he had nothing to worry about, and to disregard the notice, he kept going on and on.

I politely ended the call and hung up on his ass. He wasn’t the last call I had today, but this one’s still bothering me for some reason.

I wfh. I don’t get paid enough, nor do I receive any benefits or perks working for this damn company.

How dare anyone call and speak to a total stranger the way this man spoke to me. Just for the hell of it. For no other reason than the fact that he can.

I felt rage rising in me, so I hung up before I said something that I would have regretted later.

I’ve worked all of my adult life. I’ve had great jobs, and I’ve had jobs that fucking sucked. We used to put up with a lot of abuse back then because at least we were being paid well enough to do so.

Now, these worthless, dead-end jobs ask YOU to provide your own fucking equipment, and pay THEM to work, earning pennies on the dollar for a company who doesn’t even recognize, acknowledge, care, or know you or the work you do?!?

These companies expect you to follow their standards and educate yourself on their company policies, while you can expect nothing in return from them. Not even a promise that the company you’re working for will even be around in the future.

I could do what others in the same boat I’m in are doing: clock in and out whenever I want, show up or not, or release hours at the last minute. Fuck an SOW!

I won’t do that. But I’ll tell you one thing. Corporate America, and all other businesses in general, had better wake up and take a good look at why they can’t pay people enough to work for their toxic companies anymore.

As for me….I refuse to entertain hostility, toxicity and negative energy in my own home, on the equipment I purchased, and on the internet I was paying for long before I started working for you. If your customers act crazy with me, I’ll issue a fair, polite warning before hanging up on their asses. Period, point, blank.


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