I’m leaving soon so I don’t care about your concern


Man calls in on behalf of his wife. He’s upset and yelling his head off.

Him: my wife is frustrated and so am I. Y’all need to do better. Something is wrong here (sounding like he playing detective).

Me: (having instant message conversations with coworkers and not even fully listening).

Him: (ranting so more)

Me: (finally tune in to offer a fake apology)

Him: well, since you have all the answers – answer me this (blah,blah,blah)

Me: (gives a good answer)

Him: well, I wanna talk to a supervisor.

Me: okay, one will reach out in 24 hours (proceeds to give a polite salutation)

Him: (disconnects while I’m mid speak)

Me: (laughing my butt off knowing full well I’m
Not telling the supervisor nothing cause my last day is 4/30)

I won’t miss this when starting my new job. 😂😂

*edit: If you don’t like my post, suck it. I don’t care how you feel about my decision.

The stupid jerk ain’t getting the manager and y’all are a bunch of worthless dirt bags still stuck in a call center environment that makes you feel empty. While I am whole from getting to start a new job on Monday.

I got out and you’re stuck. Enjoy.


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