I was done talking to you 5 mins ago….


Let’s call this customer Bick… an arrogant prick who doesn’t understand what an online store is.

Bick: Do you have pails?

“Yes we do, if you place your order online we can ship it to you.”

Bick: I just want one.

“OK, you can certainly place your order for one online and we ship it to you.”

Bick: I can’t just grab one? Like I can at Home Depot

“Sir, you can order one but we are an online only store, there’s no place you can come to pick up your pail. We have to ship it you which we would be happy to do.”

Bick: (sigh) so I can’t have just one?

“Sir, you are welcome to order just one, sorry we do not have a physical store you can come pick this up at, but we are happy to help you place the order and have it shipped to you”

Bick: You can’t just give me one?

“Sir, the place you are calling has no product in our building. It is stored in our warehouses across the country, we take your order and ship it to you.”

(Bick is completely frustrated that I’m not giving him the answer he wants)

Bick: (being a condescending ass) Since you can’t give me just one, I was done talking to you 5 minutes ago.


I swear… people must live under rocks if you don’t know in this day and age that everything needs to be shipped.


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