A case of calling the wrong number

I worked in customer service for a company that sold photographic equipment. Our typical opening line was “Hello, you’re through to (company name). How can I help?”. This man called and he started asking about his car. He wasn’t very clear when he spoke, but this was what I able to discern from asking a few more questions. He was asking if it was ready to collect and when I replied that we’re a camera retailer and that he had the wrong number, he asked if I could find out if it was ready. I was like no, sorry. He didn’t like that at all and huffed something and hung up.

Also had a man thinking he had called Turkish Airlines about lost luggage and quite a lot of people believing they had called Eurotunnel customer service.

What do you think?

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Expecting you to pay what you agreed doesn’t make us a mafia.

Despite all the Reddit hatred from my prior posts, I am now working for a company that treats me like a person and not a slave. And am very happy