Expecting you to pay what you agreed doesn’t make us a mafia.


I work in merchant processing for credit cards and every month it’s the same thing on statement day, this months first crybaby thinks we are a mafia for charging them what they agreed to in the contract and threatens to cry online about it because they didn’t get their way. I don’t care, I work in an industry that isn’t exactly well liked anyway ffs and if I’m lucky enough to read it later I’ll get a good laugh.

I need to vent sometimes so understand that the following does not apply to those that act like adults, only the small percentage that lack personal accountability.

Don’t they realize how pathetic they sound when they cry about being billed exactly what’s in the signed contract? I don’t care what you think you signed up for, I don’t care what the salesman didn’t mention, I don’t care what you didn’t read and I don’t care even a little what you think of me. I care what’s on the document you signed and you should have read it before you signed it.

Being angry about something because you didn’t bother doing your due diligence is pathetic and only makes me laugh at you. I’ve been dealing with the public my whole life so I’ve heard it all and been called anything you can think of already. You’d have a better chance in a fist fight with Superman than you will bullying me or screaming at me.I can sit here all day with a blank expression listening to you foam at the mouth but nothing you say will get you more than an I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m not moved by your inability to run a business properly to do much more than roll my eyes and make sure you get the slowest possible resolutions.

Be thankful I can’t tell you what you really need to be told and grow the fuck up.


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