Where’s my iPad?


Ok so this happened some time ago while working at an XYZ e-commerce company that is the biggest e-commerce company in the world. CX – customer

Me: Hello thank you for contacting may I help you today?

CX: Hello, yes, I ordered an ipad cover but alongwith that I did not get my iPad? Where’s my iPad?!

Me: Sorry to hear that. Let me take a look.

After authenticating the call, I checked the order. I saw that she just purchased an official Apple iPad cover for $129.

Me: Ma’am, I see here that you only purchased an ipad cover but I’m not able to see an iPad that you are saying you purchased.

CX: There should be an iPad with the cover. I paid $129 for it!

Me: I’m sorry for the inconvenience Ma’am but I think there’s a confusion. The $129 you paid is only for the iPad cover. It’s from Apple so it much more costlier.

Cx: You guys should mention that in your website!

Me: Ma’am if you check the website, it’s only about the iPad case. It’s not mentioned anywhere that you will get an iPad with it.

After arguing and trying to make her understand, she hung up the call.

The worst part is my company follows the survey method so I had to send the survey to that woman asking if I helped her or not. Of course she gave me a “NO”.

I had to answer to my managers and when they heard this they laughed. But it won’t matter to them! If I get 2 NOs a week, I’m screwed. I got a NO for doing my job. Correctly.

Sometimes I wonder…What kind of a job punishes you for doing your job correctly?


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