She wanted me to “live the nightmare” with her

I worked at a call center for a large store that requires memberships to shop in store. After a few months I was promoted to a new program where we helped order replacement parts for furniture that was either damaged or missing parts when it was received by our members. So we had this one woman who’s order for a bedroom set was mixed up by the delivery company. It was a really obvious mixup, she ordered something that was dark walnut, she received a set that was literally grey and NOT the style she ordered, this set also didnt come with all the parts she ordered. Instead of calling us and getting this fixed right away she decides to just keep the bed dresser and nightstand that came to her, and calls us about 2 or 3 weeks after delivery to ask where the rest of her ser is at (the set she ordered had another nightstand and chest of drawers). So I pull up her order, find all the item numbers and send this stuff out to her. Our department was small so if someone called back in we were able to hand the incident back to whomever took care of it before. She calls back in IRATE that we sent her out a chest of drawers and nightstand that doesnt match. I ask her to send us a picture so that I could show my boss, as this would be the second “mistake” on our companies part and I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what was going on. When she sent me a picture of the set she had compared with the replacement items I had sent I was taken aback. After probing her with questions I found out that she received, and accepted without complaint, a completely different set than what she ordered. She wanted us to send out the replacement items for the one she received since she has decorated around that color. Well I ran this through my boss, who ran this through her boss, and after figuring out what kn the hell she had actually received we found out that she received a set that was already, just with the dresser bed and nightstand, 2000 dollars more than what she had ordered. They would NOT let me send out the rest of the set, and told me to give her the option to stick with what she had or return that set and get the full set that she actually ordered. Well this went about as well as you think it did, this was not acceptable to her. She asked me to “live this nightmare” with her, like she could appeal to my better nature or something?. Like I could change the head of our companies mind on just handing this woman 3000 worth of furniture she didnt purchase. She exploded and i had to send her incident to my boss after I told her, for like the 10th time, that the companies decision was final, that she had accepted the wrong items knowingly and that these were the only two options available to us because of the price difference. Like she thought I was just arbitrarily making this decision and she could talk my boss into it or something. God I’m so glad to be out of there!

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