I am sick of this shit. If you want to know if something you are saying is sexist to a female, ask yourself this:

Is this something you would ask a male representative?


“How do I know you aren’t going to use my card information to buy shoes?”

“What are you wearing?”

“I want to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about.” (because obviously although people come to me for help in this office; I am the least qualified -_-)


Congrats to the guy who just accused me of trying to get his card information to buy shoes at k-mart then cursing at me for stating I found that offensive and sexist! I’m about to sue your wife and add $500 to a bill she already knows exist! You have no one to blame but yourself. I hope she learns it’s your fault and divorces you.


UPDATE: So! Debtor called in today to check on the accounts apparently the guy was here EX-HUSBAND and told her he paid these. Of course I apologized to her for discussing the accounts with him, I told her we were under the impression they were married, it would not happen again and thankfully she was really sweet about it. I told her he did not pay the accounts and instead when I asked for card information he stopped 1/2 way through because he was afraid I would “use my card information to buy shoes” and how I hung up on him after the abusive language. She laughed her ass off and went:

“There’s a reason why I divorced him!”

God bless you Miss. Live a long and happy life away from that negativity. Even if she doesn’t pay these accounts, I’ve decided I’ll never sue her on this. She was too nice and funny for me to do that to her.


*Edited note: It has been brought to my attention some people aren’t aware how suing works at debt collection agencies. To put it plainly: If a debt collector makes you aware of your debt they have done their job. If you want to be an asshole about it and we find where you work we can sue your ass and on top of the original bill and interest you will also be required to pay our legal fees (typically $500 or above)


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