“Do I have to call my old provider now that I’m with your company?”


Call I just got. Customer calls in and states she got installed with our services (ISP) and wants to know If she has to call her old company to cancel. I tell her “if it was just phones, your account should be canceled out with them, but definitely give them a call to confirm”. She then says “but I didn’t want to be on hold with them for 30 minutes. You guys should be able to tell me.” I then reply “ma’am, we can only see the services active with our company. Definitely just give them a call To confirm”. She replies “Well this is pointless, we’re going around in circles. I guess I’ll just call them” customer hangs up.

The only positive is that she wasn’t on the phone with me long enough to turn into a bitch, but lord have mercy did this call confuse me. How in the hell are we supposed to know what happened to your account with your old company lol and you just wasted more time calling us rather than just calling them.


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