[Serious] I’m sorry, we are not 911


I’m about to finish the training period for a new CC job I got. One of the sessions was about the protocol to follow in case we had to deal with abusive people, and what to do in case of suicide or kidnap victims.

It hurt me a lot. People calling, asking for help, and us not being able to provide it. We have protocols to get as much information as possible on the victim, but we HAVE to ask them to call 911 themselves. The only scenario where we can transfer to a special hotline is in case we are speaking to a suicidal person, and even then it’s a bit tricky.

And no, I’m not heartless, but when you call a customer service rep on the phone, chances are you’re speaking to somebody in another country. We literally cannot do anything because our local authorities are not the same.

So, the fact that one of the first calls that a coworker took was from an abuser in the middle of a beating with their victim surely hit us all.


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