Protecting myself from assault and harassment is not disrespectful


Had this entitled bitch throwing a downright hissy fit because I wouldn’t give her my last name. I do credit card escalations. She’s a woman with millions with us (checking, savings, brokerage. All the big time whatever). She gave her cc to some company THEN looks them up to find they’re a scam. First we argue we can’t block them from charging. Then we argue over “how would you get my money back if it’s a fraud company!?” Lady, the same way we send money. It’s all electronic through Visa. Jfc we don’t use a courier, its 2021. Then we argue over dispute vs fraud.

Whole call is a nightmare. I told her I don’t give my last name. And she blew her panties. Kept saying she doesn’t know why I’m the ONLY ONE who wouldn’t give her my last name. She’s so rich and important and a great client and she’s going to close all her stuff because this is the most appalling treatment she’s ever had from our bank and she doesn’t understand how I could be so cruel to her. If this is the worse thing you’ve ever lived through lady check yourself. Be grateful.

I’m allowed to privacy. To protect myself. I am literally the only person with my name in North America (I know this because when my dad did some consulting work for the NSA this was something “funny” they discovered.) I’m not getting assaulted so you can feel special. People can track you down with a last name and mine is unique so no. I don’t know or trust her. I don’t know who you associate with or hang around. Hell even a compliment can go wrong if the wrong person overhears it. I’m allowed to protect myself. Having my name doesn’t do anything for you but it puts me at risk. And I don’t care at all if you close your accts. I don’t get commission.

I hate these jerks so much.


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