I need someone to get my phone on the highway!

I work for a call center that connects people to City gov programs/services (food stamps, noise complaints, apartment maintenance issues, etc.)

Customer: “I hit a pothole on the highway and my phone fell out the window and I need someone to go get it for me”

Me: “I’m sorry to hear that, unfortunately, we’re unable to make that type of request; however, we can report the pothole and assist you with a City claim for any property damage”

Customer: “NO. I just need someone to go look for the phone. I need it back”

*back and forth about how impossible that is – someone is just not going to walk on the highway and look for a phone. there’s literally no way on our end to send a request to any agency that can/will do that.*


*Supervisor proceeds to tell her the same thing she was already told and suggests she contact her phone company for assistance.*

I can understand the frustration when losing a phone considering it’s like our whole lives are on it but c’mon. Our call center likes to float the fact that we’re available to assist 24/7 and reps are looking to find the best possible solution (although very limited) so if we’re saying something can’t be done, it can’t. You think I just want to mess with you for the sake of it? I literally want nothing more than to get you off my line, not sit and bicker and repeat myself. Ugh.

What do you think?

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