I’ve actually found a good call centre to work at.!


So I’ve been in and out of call centres since 2017, from debt collection to IT support and sales, it’s all been rather detrimental to my mental health. To provide an example of that since 2017 I have needed to go into the emergency mental hospital at least once a quarter due to severe burnout and stress exacerbating my existing mental health conditions.

But the place I am at now? I’m working in disability insurance, and the company actually cares about the well-being of its staff and the caller’s. They expect mutual respect or we can end the call, if you’re getting burnt out they will notice and your boss will arrange either light duties or a week off without using your accrued leave. I am genuinely happy to be in this space and honestly can’t wait to see how a happy and positive call centre will function!

Also, I have not stepped foot in a psych ward since October 2020 when I quit my last job. And I started in this job in January 2021. I was even able to wean off my anti-depressants and just manage my mental health with techniques like journalling or drawing.

Working in disability with disabilities is another story, but that is fulfilling as heck. Gives me an edge on relating to our clients and management could not care less if I do work a little slower or have days where I can’t leave my bed. They work with people like me on a daily basis so to see them extend that same understanding to their employees is nothing short of shocking.

Those unicorn call centres are out there friends, the industry is not all negatives 🙂


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