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In 2002 I was doing a fill in job working in a call centre whilst waiting for a new job to start. I dealt with, amongst other things, fire, police and ambulance repair calls. They would ring up and we would diagnose the issue, then send out a maintenance guy if we couldn’t fix it over the phone.

**The Story**

Within a few weeks I realised that I was getting the same call, time after time, from ambulances.

ME: Hi you are through to support, what is your issue?

Ambulance Crew (AC): our radio isn’t working

Me: Not a problem, we can look into getting that fixed. Are you currently at a hospital?

AC: Yes

Me: Have you just been to A&E?

AC: Yes!

Me: Does the A&E entrance have a canopy?

AC: Yes!!!

Me: Ok, I think I know what the issue is. Please get out of the ambulance and go to the rear of the van. Can you see the radio aerial on the ground

AC: YES!!!!!

Me: OK, please pick it up and reattach to your ambulance

AC: All done

ME: Does your radio now work?

AC: Yes, it does

Me: OK. that’s great. I’ll close down your enquiry as fixed. Have a great shift


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