Hold-time Complaints

I’ve noticed that the people who complain about the hold times are often the same people who contribute to the hold times to being so long.

First call of the day, a guy calls in with a problem that is not for my department. When I told him I would have to transfer him to the correct department, he got all huffy about having to be on hold again and said this is the only number he could get through on.
If you purposely call the wrong department, you can’t complain about being on hold for the transfer. You don’t get to cut the line by calling another department.

There’s also the ones who ramble on and on, almost as though they just want to hear themselves talk. I don’t need to hear your life story in order to resolve the account. And then when you ask to put them on hold while you work the account and they say, “Oh what’s 5 more minutes when I’ve been on hold for over an hour just to speak with someone.” Small talk and rambling just makes the call take longer.

Then of course there’s the ones who complain about the hold times, but they’ve actually been on hold for much shorter than the average. “I’ve been on hold for 40 minutes! You guys must be busy.” It’s actually a slow day, but ok.

What do you think?

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