Apps should be free… right?


So I work for a TV company and we get stupid questions all the time but this dude has to be at least on the top 10.

Call came in and dude starts explaining he was dumb enough to be paying for Netflix so he cancelled it because the TV has those apps, so he’s calling to find out how to get those apps. I tried to explain the apps are built in but a lot of those apps require a subscription, he brought up his brother’s TV and why does it have Roku (probably a Roku TV which would only mean it’s running Roku OS not that it has free apps included) so instead of trying to explain it’s probably a Roku TV I just told him to contact that TV manufacturer and ask them, then he proceeds to argue about the remote having buttons for those apps so it’s only logical the apps should be free, long story short, call ended up with a supervisor and the dude is gonna email the CEO of the company to have this situation “corrected”.


What do you think?

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