You won’t give me 2 pieces of info


I work in chat (messaging) and in our company we have to verify name, address, and phone number or email before discussing order details with customers.

C= Customer M=Me

C- I want to know when my package will arrive

M- I am happy to look into this for you. Can I have your order number?

C- *gives order number*

M- Thank you, can you verify your full name, email, and shipping address?

C- Why, I just gave you the order number

M- I apologize, we need all requested information verified for security purposes to discuss order details.

C- *sends only his name and email*

M- (after waiting for 2 minutes, the maximum length of time we are allowed between messages) Are you still there?

C- Yes

M- Great! What is your shipping address, please?

C- You dont see my information on there already?

M- *Customer’s name*, as I have stated I need all information verified before I can discuss your order with you. If you cannot verify this information I cannot give you a delivery timeframe.

C-*sends his street address and zip code, not including city or state*

M- I will need your city and state, please.

C- This is ridiculous!! I have never been treated this way. I just want to know when I’m going to get my package!

M-*Customer’s name*, as I have stated multiple times: you will need to verify all information. If you cannot verify the information I can’t give any order details to you.

C-Where is your manager, this is horrible customer service!

M- A supervisor will still need your information verified in order to assist you. Can you verify your city and state, please?

C- No. This is ridiculous. I’m contacting corporate

M- I am a corporate employee. I am happy to send your feedback about your experience to my leadership, but I will need your information verified to provide the requested delivery timeframe. If you cannot provide this information, I will be forced to end the chat.

C- I’m calling my lawyer.

M- I am so sorry I was unable to assist you today. Please chat back in if you would like further assistance, *Customer’s name*. Have a great day ***Disconnects***


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