You HAVE to waive my 17 overdraft fees


I work at a popular online bank as a “manager” aka I’m the guy you get when you want to speak to a manager. I received a request from a woman calling in requesting we waive 17 of her overdraft fees. Her justification was that she transferred funds into the account, the fees came from $4-$10 charges, she was on vacation, she had plenty of money in her other account and that she’s a “hard working person who won’t let someone take what’s hers.” I went on to explain I can only waive so many due to her requesting we waive fees last month, which we did, 8 of them in fact, and that we have limits on the number of fees we can waive. I waived 8 of her fees. She then DEMANDED I waive the other 9 and refused to accept that we cannot. These fees aren’t default on our accounts. You have to opt into them and the site explains when and why you’re charged a fee. Needless to say she escalated above me. I just don’t get how some people can act so entitled.


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