You expect me to pay for a stamp???


Once a year, we mail out audited statements for some of our investment products. Honestly, I think only an accountant could read and understand them, but we send them out anyway. We also include 2 forms, one if you’d rather get the statements by email and a second to opt out of getting them entirely. Each form is 1 page.

I get a voicemail from a client, saying she wants to opt out. Great, I have to call her to tell her to fill out the form in her hand. 🙄🙄 Oh, well.

I call her and tell her to fill out the one page form and mail it in.

Cx: But, I want to do it over the phone! (This is said with a total attitude, like the form is for other people, but SHE wants to do it over the phone.)

Me: I’m sorry, but since it’s a kind of legal consent withdrawal, I can’t do it over the phone. We need a signed form. (I also don’t have access to the system to do that.)

Cx: Well, I don’t have a computer so I CAN’T do that.

Me: Ma’am, the form isn’t electronic, there’s a paper form that came with the statement. You just need to fill that out and send it back.

Cx: You mean I have to PAY for that?

Me: Well, if you want to mail it in, yes.

Cx: So, there’s no stamped envelope? I’d have to pay for it myself?

Me: No, we didn’t send you a self-addressed stamped envelope, but it’s only 1 sheet. It’s one page.

Cx: Well, I guess I’m going to have to keep getting them, then. Bye!

She hung up. I didn’t mention fax, since she was pretty adamant about doing it over the phone. All this over a STAMP.


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