Why does this job seem to bring out the worst in customers?


I seriously am considering quitting after the last couple of days of my job. I just recently started my second call center job, this time at a local electric company. My job consists of taking calls of outages, answering questions when people call for general information about their accounts, and also taking calls from people who get disconnect notices and/or their power gets shut off due to non payment.

Even coming from a collections job directly previous to this one barely compares to some of the customers I’ve spoken with in just a two day span. I may have just been lucky in the collection job, but that’s a different story.

Much was nothing I’m new to such as people cussing during the call due their situation, being yelled at, people crying, which one tends to deal with while in any customer service job. Though for some odd reason some of the people I talked to over the last few days were strangely personal and threatening with their calls.

With one person saying how he doesn’t know why I have a job because I’m so bad at taking calls, another person threatening to sue me personally because she doesn’t like how she burned through all of her options that we have to help her pay her past due bills and I just happened to be the one that took the call. (I know it’s an empty threat but still it’s irritating people can be so angry). And another handful of calls that are being so non compliant on the smallest of things just for the point of being stubborn.

The constant arguing, the endless loops of logic that people can’t seem to work themselves out of, no matter what you tell them, if it doesn’t end in their debt becoming wiped away then we get an ear full. You’re just supposed to take it, not defend yourself, shake it off immediately and go to the next call that will most likely end up in an argument or the next customer berating you.


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