Customer looking for a long-lost Girlfriend


A former Co-worker reminded me of a call I took once. He thought it was a hilarious call.
I got a call from a customer who had an account back in like 1968. He said he remembered his old phone number but not his address.
He said he wanted me to look up his number and see where the bill went back in 1968.
I told him it wasn’t really possible as our records didn’t go back that far for closed accounts.
I asked him why he needed his old address.
He said that back in 1968 he was living with a girl.
For some reason he felt the urge to go back to his home state so he just kinda left.
I thought he was gonna say he still thought of that girl or something like that.
He said “you see I was dating this girl and when I left I also left my old stereo equipment…”


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