“Why do I have to do YOUR job?”


tl;dr agent is having issues booking a reservation for a customer, customer demands to speak with me, I offer to book the reservation but all he does is complain about the agent.

I work for a car rental company as an escalation agent. Basically when a customer demands a supervisor I take the call.

It’s been a rough month, customers are calling to reschedule their reservations due to a flight delay/cancellation only to be told that it’s not possible or that the price has increased drastically, locations are completely sold out and customers are being informed one or two days before the pick up date that they won’t have their vehicle available… it’s hell and, according to the customers I deal with, it’s all my fault.

Before transferring me customer, the agent decides to explain me the situation: this customer wants to rent a vehicle in Pennsylvania. By the tone of his voice, he definitely had a bad time with the customer.

Apparently the agent couldn’t understand where the customer wanted to pick up the car, so he asked him to spell him the name of the location. It didn’t work out, and asking for the zip code was the final straw, so the customer demanded to speak with me.

Oh, and one last thing, the customer criticized the agent’s accent, which did not please me. With all the necessary information, I told the agent to connect the customer to me. Before that, he asked me:

Agent: Am I in trouble?

I really felt bad for him, reassured him that he wasn’t in trouble and that I would deal with the customer.

H: HenriquesDumbCousin
C: Customer

H: Thank you for calling rental car company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin, may I have your name?

C: Customer

H: Thank you, how can I help you?

C: I called to book a car at Conshohocken, PA. I do not know what the zip code is, I repeatedly told the agent where I wanted to pick up the car and he couldn’t understand me…

H: Ah, Conshohocken, okay…

C: I spelled him Conshohocken, and he still couldn’t get the job done. How is that possible? I can look for the location with a mere search engine and he cannot look for it using your system? Why do I have to do your job?

Customer continued to complain about the agent for one or two more minutes until I had enough and interrupted him.

H: … okay sir, I have the location at Conshohocken, PA, when will you pick up the car?

C: No, wait, I’m not done.

H: Yes sir, I’ll help you book the reservation.

For some reason the guy refused to proceed with the damn reservation, he only wanted to criticize the previous agent. At one point I told him that I had enough of this nonsense and that I would book the reservation for him and that’s it. Of course he didn’t like that, so he resorted to:

C: I’ll contact Corporate!

Pffft… more important assholes have snitched on me, still here.

C: Do you want this to happen again? I want to provide feedback for your employees.

H: I’ll look for the call log, listen to it, and provide my agent the necessary coaching.

C: You also have an [ethnicity] accent.

He said something more, but I really couldn’t understand him. Whatever the case was, I had enough of this guy.

H: Okay sir, if you’re going to discriminate me for my accent, we have no business.



My day ended with this one crazy woman yelling at me because she was supposed to return her rental to Yonkers,NY instead of another location in Michigan. Apparently she only noticed this “mistake” at the rental location, and according to her, the agent at the counter told her that she could just change the contract without any issues. Suffice to say, it would cost her an additional 150 USD to return the vehicle to Michigan.

When I told her that the e-mail she received clearly showed that Yonkers,NY was both the pick up and drop off location, she told me that she was too busy to read the e-mail. When I asked her why she would call us to make this change 3 hours after picking up the vehicle (with the rental location already closed), she said that, you’ve guessed it, she was too busy.

The customer had no issues telling me that this was our mistake, it was our fault, etc., so I decided to play her game and confronted her, telling her that as a customer, she also has a responsibility to make sure that everything in her rental is correct, which lead to the customer going apeshit on me. There was a kid in the background crying while the customer yelled at me, which kinda made me feel bad for the kid.

As I said at the beginning of my post… rough month.

Edit: Yonkers, NY, sorry about that.


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