My gender mistaken often


So i’m 28M but often on calls when i’m being transferred the agent says to the customer “thank you for waiting, I have our agent here, (name), SHE is going to continue assisting you.” It happens a lot a lot. I’m not sure why. One caller told me I have a young voice. I said oh yeah maybe my voice is kind of high. She said “no it’s not high it’s just a young voice. I have two boys of my own so I thought you were younger.” So i’m just like hmm. One time an agent who was transferring a call to me asked me outright “uh.. this is kind of weird to say but… im sorry i don’t want to offend. But are you a guy or girl haha?” I said i’m a guy. He said “oh ok. You just have such a sweet voice you know.” I was like haha thanks (embarrassment).

Another time a guy was on the phone scheduling things with me. He kept calling me honey and talking sweetly. I felt like kinda embarrassed. But i didnt correct him just kept going with it.

Then today it happens again another real deep voiced guy. He was saying “yes ma’am.” And “thank you madam.” I’m just like *facepalm.

Anyone else struggle with this. I’ve just learned to laugh it off.


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There is an order to these things!!!

“Why do I have to do YOUR job?”