Want to solve the issue, yet not wanting to follow given advice?


This happened earlier this week.

I am working as a service desk agent.

M: Me

C: Caller

2FA: Two factor authentication

*ring ring*

M: Service desk, you’re speaking with salted_association

C: Hi, I need your help. I can’t login on my computer. And I can’t start my work phone to receive my 2FA code to login on my computer.

(I am not seeing a caller ID as C did not call from his work phone)

M: Okay. May I have your ID so I can create a ticket?

C: Yes, it’s Caller

M: Thanks, may I get the model/make of your phone?

C: It’s a FruitPhone… Look, it won’t turn on – I’ve tested starting it. I forgot to charge it. It has been charging for about 20-30 minutes but still nothing happens.

Note: Rule 1 in IT/service desk is always to ask if a device is restarted. Can’t restart it? Try a hard reset

M: Have you tried a hard… (I get interrupted)

C: I have tried that before when this has happened, it did not work then and it won’t work now! I need to wait even longer for the phone to get started.

C: Can’t you change so that the 2FA goes to this, alternate phone?

M: Not unless I were to receive it in writing from your manager. We need it either from the manager’s email or from the IT self-service-page.

C: No can do. I don’t want to interrupt her.

M: Now, you have two options. Either you make a hard reboot on your work phone – or we receive the alternate phone number from your manager.

If I were to be changing your number, I need your manager’s permission.

C: No! I can’t disturb my manager. And, for the record, a colleauge of mine got his number changed without that confirmation!

M: I don’t know why that is – since I can’t look up it – but I won’t do something that would be considered as misconduct by me in my job.

C: Thanks for nothing! *Click*

Moral of the story?

Follow the advice given, and you may have your issue solved quickly.

Edit: Corrected grammar

Edit 2: Made it more clear that the phone has been charging when the caller called in


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