To my first caller of the day:


When you called in, you were immediately angry. I was trying to work through the call process as quickly as possible, but we do have metrics and there are things I have to tell you to keep those high enough I can keep working.

I hate hearing the covid policies as much as you, but hey, at least you only hear it once. I get to tell every single caller, every single time. And a lot of them react like you did.

You were so busy talking over me you couldn’t get the information you needed. The more you talked over me, the angrier you got that you weren’t getting the information you needed. I was frustrated too. You begin to yell at me about interrupting you. I’m just trying to answer your questions, but you’re asking so many they’re all bleeding together and I can’t get a word in.
When there’s finally a break in the conversation, I explain to you our properties are extended stay, and you cannot just book two nights. I am very apologetic because I am certain you will be angry to hear this. I am right that you are angry, but you say it is because I am an entitled and condescending bitch. Talking to you like that. Do I know who your husband is? He’s a CEO for a fortune 500 company. I briefly wonder, if this is true, why are you calling a property who is known for hotels that can sometimes cost less than $30 a night?

You can demand to speak to my manager over this “customer service” issue, but the real issue is your expectations.

You will probably go on with your day, forget about the conversation you had with me. But I talk to people like you all day everyday. You had no way of knowing that my day was probably just as bad as yours. You were my first call of the day. I had just found out, less than 24 hours prior, that I had had a miscarriage. I was not allowed to call out of work, I’m too new. I sat there, and I took it, being polite as I could. I just want you to know, sometimes, there really is nothing I can do for you. I know, we here at central reservations have “all the power”. But I can’t change hotel policy to suit your needs, or I’d have to do it for everyone. Please be kind.

Also-to the lady who said her toddler shouldn’t count towards the room occupancy because he’s not a person yet-it might be best to not have more kids.


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