Things people say on the phone part 2


Y’all, I needed to do another one. I’m so over these calls today:

“Oh sure, switch me so your company can get rich on the savings!”—–Itd be nice if they’d share that with us meager employees that have to talk to you cranky POS.

“Honey, it’s the company that rips you off is on the phone”——-Bro, I can hear you and you’re not a stand up comedian, you’re just an asshole.

“I dont give my date of birth over the phone.”——-No, you do, or else how do you make appointments?

“I’m calling about my husbands account.” *after verifying and giving information * “Oh, I dont know if hes even using that. I cant change anything without him here.”—–Then why are you even calling about him if you dont know what they’re using?

“No, dont change it, I’m on this because *a soliloquy about why they’re on something *”——A simple no is all I need, my empathy is really not meant for your trauma filled stories that I did not ask for.

Thanks for letting me rant and get it off of my chest!


What do you think?

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