Security thanked me


Since covid started we aren’t supposed to do warm transfers anymore. Well this customer calls in sure that she’s the victim of some sort of fraud going on. I did check into it and sure enough someone else had signed up for service using her info.

Now I’ve never had to transfer to our fraud department before and didn’t know which option it was so I went against normal procedure and put customer on hold while I called over to see if it was the correct department. You can probably see a little about where this is heading from the title.

Sure enough this was NOT the correct security department. They asked me for my name and if I was an employee. Then said thank you esoraven! You are the first person to *ask* before transferring and so what we get is angry customers that we can’t help. They then proceeded to give me the correct number and I got the customer there in the end.

I was mildly embarrassed because I thought for sure I was going to get in trouble. Anxiety, I always think the worst.


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Incredibly Stupid

[Customer] Called Samsung for an appliance repair request, the employee thanked me profusely at the end of the call just for being cordial and patient while she created the ticket. Why do people suck so bad that call center employees feel they have to thank you just for being a decent human being?