Please don’t tell me you killed someone


I work for a large insurance broker and I got this call today that shook me something fierce. It’s important to add that on this specific call campaign you have About a minute and half to either make sure they want to buy or hang up.

Me: Hi thank you for calling ****, this is **** on a recorded line. Are you interested in a new health plan?

Caller: Hi this is **** and I need something with a lower deductible because I (some injury that I can’t quite remember) when I was driving home from work and the mailman got out of the car on the wrong side and I wasn’t able to move fast enough and he wasn’t supposed to be there and-

This is where the clock was at 15 seconds left and I was kinda freaking out so I did my outro and hung up.

I told my manager and he just told me to take and a break and he’d review the call.


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