People that call in with background noise.


One of the main things that piss me off and try my patience, are people that call in with background noise so loud, you can’t hear them. I get calls with people driving, windows down and the road and wind noise is so bad, you can’t make out two words they say. Or driving with the stereo blasting. Then the always fun, call from home where you have what sounds like 15 kids in the background yelling and screaming and the TV is up so loud, it sounds like they have the phone next to the speaker.


The ones that have me on speaker phone and the spouse/other person in the background chiming in and/or talking over the caller so that I just hear a jumble of voices. Then the person with crap cell service so that their phone constantly breaks up. Last, the one’s I say sound like Charlie Browns teacher. They are most likely holding their phone with their head on their shoulder and all you hear is waa waaa wah wahwah waa wah. In each of these cases, I have to ask them to constantly repeat. Then they think screaming their info will help. I would like to say, screaming the information won’t help, maybe pulling your head and your phone out off your ass would. So far, I haven’t gotten to that point. One day soon maybe. If I do, I will post about my glorious termination conversation with the manager that is 28 years my junior and has spoken to me exactly twice in 4 years.


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No really, I can’t answer that!

This job exhausts me just because of how stupid not only the customers are but also because of the policies and the convoluted mess that is the policies and the way we supposedly get things done.