This job exhausts me just because of how stupid not only the customers are but also because of the policies and the convoluted mess that is the policies and the way we supposedly get things done.


customer – I need my employee discount added to my phone line.

me – This is the call center for health insurance life insurance and claims. They process the employee wireless discounts in the stores.

customer – The store just sent me to you.

me internally – what the fuck? They can’t modify a bill?

me – Ok here’s the concessions phone number 1234567890. I told him that knowing full well that concessions will tell him they only bill for tv internet and home phone and to call wireless. Wireless will tell him they only do non employees and to call HR. HR will tell him they do payroll and to call concessions. Concessions gives third party numbers when they call back in a second time. I think a store is their only hope because when they call the third party numbers they ask why they’re not calling the company they work for.


What do you think?

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People that call in with background noise.

I cannot move your town to a new location