Man makes everything hard for himself


Cx: What’s my serial number? I need you to give me that because I can’t check. My system is freezing and won’t let me do anything.

Me: I can help with the freezing, but why do you need the serial?

Cx: So I can troubleshoot the slowness.

Me: I can troubleshoot the freezing without the serial though, shall we, then?

Cx: No, I need my serial.

Me: Is there any other reason why you specifically need the serial other than to troubleshoot the freezing?

Cx: No.

Me: Ok, so I circle back — why don’t we just troubleshoot the system freezing? I can walk you through it and I don’t need a serial number to do that.

Cx: Please just give me my serial number.

Me: Ok, if you insist it’s obtainable online if you can’t check it from the computer itself.

Cx: Already tried that.

Me: Ok, I’m assuming it didn’t work… why not?

Cx: Can I speak to someone else? You’re no help.

Me: Ok, you want phone support?

We agree on a scheduled time and it took 15 minutes to setup because they ranted over how inconvenient service we give and they’re chatting me while driving. Unbelievable.


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