It’s everyone else’s fault


I work for a finance organisation as the person who reviews applications for finance, we run credit checks, as many finance organisations do. I use to be in the collections team and still dabble in it from time to time to help out. This means I have a wide variety of skill and can handle any call and will also kill into the inbound queue when they need it.

I had jumped into the inbound queue as there was a bit of a pile up. I get Karen.

Karen: my name is Karen, I have just gone for a home loan and I got denied, the home loan company said your company appeared on my credit report. I don’t know who you are.

Me: no problem, I can absolutely provide further details, I’ll just need to verify you Karen.

Karen: how will you do that, I’m not in your system.

Me: well your mobile number has pulled a file for me, is it okay if we proceed to verify you?

Karen: (smug) you can give it a shot.

We proceed to verify her accurately. Surprised Pikachu face.

Karen: why am I on your system?

Me: looks like you applied for finance for (product) with (company) and you were unsuccessful so finance was not provided

Karen: oh. Well remove the credit enquiry.

Me: I cannot remove your credit enquiry as it was authorised by you. (explained application process and agreement)

Karen: well remove it.

Me: No.

Karen: why not? I didn’t even use your money.

Me: that’s why it’s only an enquiry. This will not be removed.

Karen: someone must be able to remove it.

Me: No one will remove this, it was authorised.

Karen: well I’m going to the ombudsman, how does that sound.

Me: you’re free to do as you wish, we will advise them the same and supply documentation to confirm what I advised before.

Karen: well you have fucked up my home loan!

Me: I’m sorry to hear that but, again, we will not be removing your credit enquiry.

Karen: I hope you’re happy! You fucked this up, you’re the reason I won’t get a home! – call terminated by customer.

No hunny. It was probably the same reason we declined you two months ago. The defaults on your credit file.


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